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Make a Statement.

Beyond form and function. Where innovation meets style. Experience a whole different level of vaping.
Exquisite Materials, Superb Artisanship, and a range of Distinct Colors, carefully curated for you.
This is the lifestyle you deserve. Own it.

Exquisite Materials

The Cicero is encased in rare shagreen stingray skin - a material that embodies luxury and exoticism. With buttons made of polished carabao horn and buffalo bone, the Cicero's understated elegance makes it a highly covetable item for your collection.

Superb Artisanship

The rarity of the shagreen material can only be manipulated by truly-skilled craftsmen - a legacy of artisanship passed on from generation to generation.

Distinct Colors

The Cicero is available in four unique colors that best suit your personality and sense of style.

Crafted for Privilege.

From the selection of the finest materials up until its elaborate integration,
the Cicero proves to be the orchestration of excellent craftsmanship.

  • Mouthpiece

    An ergonomic mouthpiece that also serves as the liquid container.

  • Atomizer Container

    Holds together the mouthpiece, battery cylinder and coil. This is where the vapor is made. Each atomizer cylinder is uniquely made from Shagreen or wood materials combined with carabao horn and buffalo bone.

  • Coil

    Convenient exchangeable eGo-C coil heads in 1.8 or 2.0 Ω deliver a consistent and enjoyable vapor production.

  • Battery Cylinder

    High-tech PCB microchip inside allowing for extended functionalities such as LED warnings and visualization of remaining battery life. Each battery Cylinder is uniquely made from Shagreen or wood materials combined with carabao horn and buffalo bone.

  • Battery

    Easily exchangeable, these small 3.7 Volt Li-Ion batteries pack a whopping 360 mAh to power the atomizer for hours of vaping pleasure.

  • Cover

    Made from carabao horn and buffalo bone, the battery cover and spring keep the battery in place and establish the electrical connectivity.

A Reinvention of a Classic.

With the Cicero, vaping becomes an exquisite experience. The finest shagreen casing combined with polished bone and horn buttons has you ready to take on the world.

Colors to complement your lifestyle.

Crimson, Teal, Burgundy, Venetian


Luxurious and decorative. Highly-prized for it's rare sheen
and texture, the Shagreen is considered an exotic and precious
material that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Macassar Ebony Wood

Natural and beautiful. Highly desired for its aesthetic appeal
and toughness, the unique wood patterns of the Macassar Ebony
adds to its natural beauty.

Elegant Simplicity.

A simple luxury. Cicero is the perfect blend of convenience and opulence. An easy addition to your elevated lifestyle.

Flexible Power Source

An easily replaceable and rechargeable battery is just the beginning of Cicero's easy-to-handle system.

LED Indicator

To ensure a continuous vape experience, a LED light indicator will blink as signal for low battery.

Hassle-free System

The streamlined design is further enhanced by the connectivity of the mouthpiece and the tank, ensuring that the Cicero is easy to dismantle and put back together again.

The Cicero by Janty will surpass your vaping experience through its exquisite design,
convenient features and exceptional functionality.