Make No Mistake.

The eGo Series is where Janty, and the e-cigarette revolution began. Solidly built. Expertly crafted. It was designed to make your switch to e-cigarettes the best experience it could possibly be.

Witness how Janty consistently serve the needs of an ever-growing community that sought to lead a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

  • eGo

  • 2009

    Innovation was born.

    The flagship product of Janty, the eGo was born. The eGo prides itself with providing users the most-enduring vaping experience with its 650 mAh or 900 mAh battery along with its refined and elegant European design. With the Janty eGo, you can vape like a champ. Truly incomparable and lasting.

  • eGo-T

  • 2010

    Maintaining momentum.

    Built on the achievements of the eGo, the Janty eGo Tank System is excellent and worry-free. With eGo JETS we introduced the first liquid tank system.

  • eGo-C

  • 2011

    Introducing exchangeable coils.

    Vaping has become practical and cost-effective with the Janty eGo-C. It features an exchangeable atomizer coil system that gives you the freedom to change the atomizer head whenever it loses its freshness or whenever you wish to use different e-liquid flavors.

  • eGo X

  • 2012

    Built for taste.

    Enjoying your favourite e-liquid's full-on flavour and a longer eGo atomizer lifespan is now possible with the Janty eGo X. This atomizer features a unique design and can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The new wick system also enhances the taste of any e-liquid.

Truly Dependable.

Enjoy the enduring and secure performance provided by the Janty eGo Series.
Experience one of the world's best electronic cigarettes today.